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Live Your Passion, With Us!

From Sumanpura, to Kusumpura, to Patliputra, to Patna. This city has changed names as it has changed the facets of it’s glorifying past. This city on the holy waters of ‘The Ganga’ has been a spectator of some greatest empires and emperors of the world history. The city which hosted Samrat Ashok for his empire, Hieun Tsang for his studies, and Chanakya for his diplomacy, has a legacy which cannot be bounded in words.From the Saka calendar to the Christian calendar, the days has been a witness of some of the greatest personalities ever, be it the impeccable ruler Ashoka-The Great, or the ambidextrous Dr. Rajendra Prasad. The civilization of our city is so pure and so antique that words like Ante Domine and Before Christ, for measurement of it, fall short of years.And without the contributions of Aryabhatta, the fellow citizens of the world would never had come to know that there may me numbers beyond ‘Nine’.Without ‘Khagaul’ and ’Taregana’, the world might have never known that the earth is round. It has been contributions by such passionate people, such passionate city, and such passionate afficianados, that the world came to know, what politics, diplomacy and science are.Now it’s our time and turn to carry on the legacy to such a pinnacle of success that the world seems so small to compare. It has been rightly remarked by Eleanor Roosevelt,

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

So dream big, make sky your limit and develop a extreme passion to fulfill your dream.

Come, ‘Live Your Passion With Us’.

My Young Patnaites Friends, today I'm very glad and feeling pround on the inception of 'patnapassion.com' - a website dedicated to we Patnaites youth. This website will address all the needs of we young guys, provide us a platform to discuss on our loopholes and mistakes in order to rectify them, and will be the face of Young Patnaites. But above all it will create a brand - Patnaites. A brand which whenever comes in anyones mind it should create an image of people of a city having a prefect blend of modernisation, techological advancment and culture. The people who walk hand in hand with this IT era, thepeople who set new milestones in field of science, education, sports, art etc, at the same time people who have a deep faith in their culture and traditions. I dream of such Patnaites, undoubtedly, it your wish too.

My Young Patnaites Friends, in creating Patna of ours dream we youth have a very significant role to play. Only we can establish a new indentification of our city. In order to make Patna a developed,educated, cultured metroplitian city we would have to come together and take right steps. At the same time we would have to build a sense of honour, respect and pride for our city. For that firstly we have to accept open-heatedly the present conditions of this city. Today whatever we are, whatever conditions and problems we have is harsh truth which can't be ignored. But most important is that it must not create a sense of inferiority or hesitation in us. Instead it should become a source which always make us aware of our responsibilities.

So, My Young Patnaites Friends, if you really want to make the brand 'Patnaites' relevant and meaningfull come out and toil for the betterment of your Patna.

Be pround to be Patnaites and say - Yes, We are Proud Patnaites !

We are girls. We are expression of beauty,joy and love. We have the right,the power and the ability,to create a beautiful,joyful, and peaceful world for ourselves and others. We have a face,but We are not our face. We are the most important thing to the world. We are love in motion. We are the light of the world. We can create something beautiful in all thats We are. We can make a mistake. We deserve the best. We give our best. We do our best to always take care of all. We are girls. We are growing into a woman . We are one. We are the joy, the world is waiting for us. We are girls......

For all the people out there, it's an eye opener about Patna and the ground realities.

There is no facility un-available in Patna...Don't agree??? Okay!! Have a look :-

i. You all goto an amusement park 'by road', Patnaites go 'in road'.

ii. You have a separate amusement park and a water park, we have two in one during the rains.

iii. You have a drainage system of Crores of Rupees, We spend crores on just clearing it.

iv. You have Metro n Local Trains in the city, we convert each n every train into a local.

v. You have Super Market in your city, but shopping in Patna will give you a Sue-Per-Market feel.

vi. You have places to blow off the minds, we have places who blows off the whole head,or even full bodies, in some cases.

vii. You have boats to make people enjoy lakes and rivers, but we let our people learn to swim and enjoy the real essence of it.

viii. You have a bread for each one, but no mouths to share, we have one loaf of bread for each family but till today we dine together.

ix. You have love for your neighbours, and demands from your parents, we have love for our parents and demand from our neighbours.

x. You spread money and earn love, We spread love and earn money.

But at last We are Indians in true essence, and have the power to comply with each and every adversity of our motherland Kyunki Maa Kaisi Bhi Ho, Maa To Maa Hoti Hai.

Often people say they r upset that life is full of contradictions. life is not so small that we can put it into compartments like good & bad, right & wrong.life is vast;so vast that it is big enough to include contradictions in its fold.one of my frnd asked,we have been engaged for several years but the only thing common between us is our conflict, incompability.we r not able to make decisions;our indecisiveness or incompability is our common point.what do we do?"my response is simple :CELEBRATE. Celebrate ur differences guys..make ur differences ur fuel of ur togetherness..ok just imagine how boaring life would be if there were no differences.Everything will be smooth nothing would be exciting or new in life.just imagine if u like tea & ur partner prefer coffee to tea then sometime u ll enjoy both,if ur partner like horse riding & u like cladding..when u both try to enjoy cladding & horse riding one by one then u both realize that oh really that was good experince!this will happen only if love & respect for each other exist there. while we r discussing differences,let us also accept that the fact relationship should be based on love & respect for each other not of expectation . the most important thing in a relationship is that stand for transformation & groth..we r completely believing that love begins where diffrences end..whereas differences infact add joy & happiness of life. THE only thing one should be alert to is that differences should not be based on the ego;but on inner growth..soooo enjoy life differences & make ur life full of joy....

Jab bhi kabhi,rishto me bandh jaati hai zindagi, Usi waqt kishton me bandh jaati hai zindagi,

Jab 'apne' pyar ko kaam aur, rishton ko naam samjhnelagte hain,

Tab hi gainro ke sang, jaati hai zindagi, Khamoshiyan jab chikhne lagti hai, aur tanhayi sadayen dene lage,

Tab jaa kar, apne zehen ko samjhati hai zindagi, Khwabon ke darakht jab sookhne lagte hai, Aankhon se tab barish kar jaati hai zindagi,

Jab dil ke rishton me dil nahi lagta, Tab khyalon ki kahaniyo me doob jati hai zindagi, Bistar par akele, chadar ki silwatein ginte hue, Rishton ki silwatein suljhati hai zindagi,

Samet kar khwabon ke afsaane hazar, Kahaniyon ka guchha banati hai zindagi, Jab rishtey toot kar uthle hone lagte hain, Tab khud ki gehrayion me jati hai zindagi,

Jab akelapan kachotne lagta hai mujhe, Ek halki si gudgudee kar jati hai zindagi.